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2005-2011 - Nigeria-Extension to 2011 of the 2005-2009 - Country Strategy Paper


This report aims to extend, until 2011, the validity of the 2005-2009 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Nigeria, which the Boards of Directors approved in July 2005. The strategic thrust of the CSP, including the two strategic pillars of intervention, which are (i) development of human capital through improved service delivery in education and health; and (ii) stimulating private sector-led growth in the non-oil sector through enhanced infrastructure, agricultural and rural development, will remain unchanged. However, the Bank will, in 2010, undertake two important knowledge products involving Nigeria. The first one is a flagship study, which will be undertaken in close collaboration with the Nigerian authorities. The second one is the Regional Integration Strategy Paper for West Africa, a region where Nigeria is a major player. Once completed, these two products will significantly strengthen the knowledge base and enable the Bank to prepare a new CSP for Nigeria, which adequately leverages the opportunities of the country. Therefore, the extension will not only allow the Bank Group to better align its CSP cycle with the Government’s own planning cycle, but also to strengthen the alignment of the national development strategy with its clear priority areas. Over the period of the extension, the Bank Group’s strategy will be aligned with the Government’s long-term development framework articulated in the Vision 2020 document.

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