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2005 - Chad - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


This report is intended to inform the Boards of Directors of progress made, since 2002, in the implementation of Bank operations in Chad and formulate recommendations aimed at improving the quality of the portfolio as well as reaching the projected objectives of such operations. The portfolio review is also an instrument of dialogue with the country for improving the effectiveness of Bank operations, in line with the results-based CSP 2005- 2009, adopted by the Bank’s Boards of Directors on 5 October 2005. This review comes three years after that of 2002, subject of document ADB/BD/WP/2002/57- ADF/BD/WP/2002/62. It was prepared using (i) the 2002 portfolio review report; (ii) the outcome of the supervision, dialogue and audit missions as well as the summary records of the quarterly meetings of project managers undertaken since then; (iii) the outcome of the portfolio review mission undertaken from 22 October to 3 November 2005, and amended on 31 March 2006; (iv) the conclusions of the Bank’s annual portfolio performance review of 2001; (v) the OPEV report reviewing the 2000-2004 country portfolio review reports; (vi) the report on the performance-based enhanced allocation framework under ADF X; and (vii) various documents on the ongoing institutional reform. The report covers issues of “quality assurance of projects at entry”, which have become important in recent years. In addition to this introduction, the report is in six parts, comprising (i) a review of projects under implementation; (ii) an assessment of project management and implementation capacity; (iii) aid coordination; (iv) status of loan and arrears repayment; (v) proactive management of the portfolio; and (vi) the main conclusions and recommendations.

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