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2005 - Gabon - Country Governance Profile


The current study on the Governance Profile for Gabon was undertaken in line with the African Development Bank Group good governance policy in its Regional Member Countries. It is intended to carry out a detailed analysis of governance in Gabon, and to identify and examine measures taken by the Government towards establishing good governance in all public policies. The issue of governance was examined on the basis of the five key elements of Bank policy in this regard, namely (i) Accountability, which obligates persons vested with a public mandate to render account of their decisions and actions, especially with regard to the allocation, use and control of public funds and resources in accordance with legal norms and standards acceptable in budgeting, accounting and auditing; (ii) Transparency, defined as access by the public to knowledge of government policies and strategies, which presupposes that accurate and updated information on the financial and commercial situation is open to public scrutiny; (iii) Combating Corruption, whereby corruption is defined as the practice of extortion or abuse of power or public trust for personal gain; (iv) Participation, which is the process by which stakeholders influence decisions of common interest and participate in overseeing the resources and institutions that influence their life; and (v) a Legal and Judicial System conducive to governance and development, which implies that laws are clearly defined and uniformly enforced by an objective and independent judiciary. Such a system provides for the necessary sanctions to prevent or repress any infringement, ensures compliance with the law and the respect of citizens’ rights and facilitates the movement of private capital.

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