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2006 - Liberia - Country Dialogue Paper


The Bank Group has been absent from Liberia since the country fell into arrears with the Bank in 1985 as a result of the civil conflict. As at June 30, 2006 the total amount of arrears due to the Bank Group stood at UA 158.2m. The suspension of cooperation with Liberia occasioned the cancellation of the entire Bank Group portfolio of ongoing operations. With a view toward preparing the ground for the resumption of normal operational activities in Liberia, in 2004 the Bank engaged in dialogue with the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL). In January 2005, the Bank Group Boards of Executive Directors approved a Country Dialogue Paper (CDP) for Liberia. Bank Group assistance spelled out in the CDP comprised two components: (i) assisting Liberia to address its debt and arrears issue; and (ii) strengthening the country’s destroyed institutional capacity. In line with the strategic focus of the CDP, the Bank engaged in close dialogue with Liberia on the use of the Bank Group Post-Conflict Country Facility (PCCF) for arrears clearance, and embarked on the preparation of an Institutional Support Project for Governance and Economic Management, which represents a main instrument for dialogue with countries falling into arrears with the Bank Group.

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