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2006 - OPEV-MID-Year Budget Review


A review of 2006 OPEV’s work program and budget indicates that there is a need for an additional UA 335,000 for consultancy services, which is largely attributed to higher-level multinational sectoral reviews and thematic studies.

This mid-term review covers activities undertaken and the related actual expenditures and commitments made to date; and presents budget needs for the remainder of the year. The requested additional amount has excluded the 10% contingency applied in the consultancy cost estimates. Due consideration has been taken to the current committed amount, the current unutilized balance and the expected amount from bilateral trust funds in determining the net additional amount required to complete the 2nd half work program of 2006. In this respect, part of the cost of the Education Sector Evaluation will be met through bilateral sources since the Finnish Trust Fund has now approved funding to the tune of UA 128,215 (total cost is estimated at UA 149,000 excluding staff-related costs).

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