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2007-2008 - Liberia - Joint African Development Bank/World Bank Interim Strategy Note (ISN)


The proposed Joint Interim Strategy Note (ISN) conceptualizes Bank Group and World Bank support to Liberia during the 12-month period of July 2007 to June 2008. It informs the Boards on recent developments in Liberia, presents the principles of arrears clearance schemes expected to be applied by the Bank Group, World Bank and the IMF, and outlines the strategic priorities for Bank Group and World Bank assistance to Liberia during the above-mentioned period. The preparation of the ISN was a genuine partnership exercise between the two institutions and Liberia, including joint preparation missions and comprehensive consultations with the government, development partners and other stakeholders. Close cooperation between the Bank, the World Bank and the government will continue during the implementation of the ISN, on the basis of the joint performance monitoring framework.

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