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2007 - Guinea - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


The aim of this report is to inform the Boards of Directors on progress made in the implementation of the Bank Group’s ongoing operations in Guinea and plans to improve the portfolio performance. The review was carried out within a relatively favourable context for the implementation of the Bank Group’s operations. This context is characterized by the nonaccumulation of arrears since 2007. The last formal review was conducted in September 1999 (Report No. ADF/BD/WP/99/95). Previously, frequent suspensions as a result of penalties for payment arrears owed the Bank Group for the period 2001-2007 jeopardized portfolio performance. The report also seeks to sensitize the new authorities of the transition government on the need to speed up the implementation of operations so as to improve outcomes and their impacts on the socioeconomic development of the populations. The report was prepared following a mission carried out in June 2009. It is also based on data contained in the Bank’s supervision mission reports as well as on the results of the mid-term review of the 2005-2009 RBCSP in October 2008.

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