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2007 - Mozambique - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


The last Country Portfolio Review Report (CPRR) (ADF/BD/WP/2006/53 for Mozambique was presented to the Board in June 2006 and assessed the performance of the on-going portfolio of Bank financed operations as at 31 December 2005. The analyses showed a satisfactory performance rating with an average rate of 2.0, development impact of 2.1 and a clear positive performance trend over the last CPPR of 1999. The 2008 CPPR aims at informing the Boards of Directors on progress made in the Mozambique portfolio performance since the last CPPR of 2006 and recommending actions to be taken to improve the performance. The Report assesses the performance of the Bank’s on-going portfolio in Mozambique with regard to implementation progress and the achievement of development effectiveness. The CPPR is also intended to provide useful lessons for the design of future Bank interventions and their implementation and guidance to the Mozambique Regional Office (MZRFO) on strengthened dialogue and greater collaboration with the Government of Mozambique (GOM) and other development partners respectively so as to improve overall performance of Bank interventions in Mozambique.

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