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2007 - Niger - Fourth Conference of the African Evaluation Association


Since the inception of the African Evaluation Association in 1999, the Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV) of the African Development Bank (ADB) has been viewed upon as a strategic player in charting the future course of development evaluation interventions in Africa. As part of OPEV’s Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Development (M&ECD) mandate, the Department has sponsored various technical strands in each conference. In 1999, OPEV sponsored sessions on the development and conduct of evaluations on the continent. In 2002, OPEV organized technical strands on statistical capacity development, poverty reduction, gender, among several others. In 2004, OPEV organized strands on strengthening the African Peer Review Mechanism as a tool for cooperation and change, strengthening NEPAD’s M&E activities, and on ensuring continuity of the association’s evaluation mandate.

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