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2007 - Zambia - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


The Bank Group undertook a Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) for Zambia in May 2008. The objective was to review the performance of the Bank’s ongoing portfolio and identify specific actions required to be taken to improve the overall performance of all the programmes/projects. The CPPR coincided with commencement of the ADF XI lending cycle and with the Bank’s new interventions under the Joint Assistance Strategy for Zambia 2007 – 2010. Consequently, the timing of the outcome of the CPPR would also guide the designing of the new interventions in Zambia during this period. Furthermore, the review also examined issues emerging out of the commitments under the Paris Declaration on Harmonization and Alignment for Aid Effectiveness in relation to the Bank’s portfolio and how these affect the current and future Bank’s intervention instruments in Zambia.

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