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2008-2011 - Liberia - Country Strategy Mid-Term Review, Portfolio Performance Review and Request for Extension


The Bank Group Board of Executive Directors approved the Liberia Joint African Development Bank/World Bank Assistance Strategy 2008-2011 (JAS) and Eligibility to the Fragile States Facility in December 20081 . The overarching aim of the JAS is to support Liberia‟s transition from post conflict recovery to long-term development. The strategy was articulated around the following two pillars: Pillar I “Rebuilding core state functions and institutions” and Pillar II “Jump-starting and facilitating pro-poor economic growth”. The JAS was designed to support Liberia‟s first full Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) April 2008 - June 2011, which is built around four pillars: (i) Peace and Security, (ii) Economic Revitalization, (iii) Governance and Rule of Law, and (iv) Infrastructure and Basic Services, with gender equity, peace-building, environmental sustainability, HIV/AIDS, children and youth, and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) cross-cutting themes. The JAS is fully aligned to Pillars II, III, and IV of Government‟s PRS, focusing also on the cross-cutting themes of capacity development, gender, the environment, and job-creation for youth employment as important elements of the strategy. The JAS is also fully aligned with the Bank‟s Medium Term Strategy 2008-2012, with strong sectoral emphasis on infrastructure, governance and the private sector, contributing to regional integration and fragile states assistance and agriculture, with knowledge generation, climate change and gender mainstreaming.

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