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2008-2012 - Equatorial Guinea - Country Strategy Paper


This Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2008-2012 of the African Development Bank (the Bank) for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (REG) is designed to support the country’s National Economic and Social Development Plan (NESDP) known as "Equatorial Guinea 2020: Agenda for the diversification of sources of growth". The NESDP defines the national priorities for eliminating poverty and making the REG an emerging country by 2020, i.e. a "centre for attracting foreign direct investments that generates strong economic growth and successfully integrates into the world economy on account of its export capacities". The NESDP was presented to the national and external partners of the REG at the 2nd Economic Conference of November 2007. The institutional mechanism for its implementation and monitoring was adopted by the National Assembly (NA) in February 2008.

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