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2008 AEC - Climate Change, impacts in Africa: The Role of the African Development Bank


Climate Change is emerging as perhaps the most important international development challenge of the 21st century. Climate Change is a major threat to economic growth and development in Africa. The economic and social welfare of our societies and indeed their long term sustainability is increasingly vulnerable to Climate Change risks. Developing countries – in particular in Africa - are the most vulnerable and bear the highest risks as Climate Change and climate variability critically jeopardize their economic development potential and the achievement of the MDGs. Direct and indirect impacts of Climate Change threaten to reverse decades of development efforts. It is imperative that the international community take urgent steps to address these risks. Response strategies include actions towards GHG reduction (mitigation) on one side and adaptation to climate change and variability impacts on the other. These actions need to be integrated into the overall development agenda including national economic planning and management.

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