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2008 - Sierra Leone - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


The ADB Group started operations in Sierra Leone in 1973. As at 1 st October 2009, forty-six (46) operations have been approved, with a total commitment net of cancellations of UA 288.4 million. These include 27 projects, 3 institutional support projects, 6 PBLs, 3 lines of credit, and 7 studies. These operations covered the social sector (health and education: 29.9%), multi-sector (27.4%), public utilities (23.8%) and agriculture (18.9%). The current ADF cycle and Fragile State Facility (Supplemental Support) have allocated UA 71.79m for the development and implementation of new projects in Sierra Leone. In addition, the Fragile State Facility Targeted Support (Pillar III) has made US$ 2.0m available to Sierra Leone for national capacity building activities.  

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