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2009-2013 - Swaziland - Country Strategy Paper - Mid-Term Review


The CSP mid-term review is a product of extensive consultations between the Bank and the government of Swaziland, as well as other stakeholders. Additional information was obtained from various government and other publications. This report assesses progress made in the implementation of the Bank’s Mid-Term Country Strategy Paper (2009 - 2013 CSP) for Swaziland. It also provides the context for the proposed strategy for the remainder of the CSP period and the expected outcomes. This strategy proposes a modification of Pillar I of the current Bank strategy to focus on removing structural bottlenecks to competitiveness and improving public financial management. Pillar II of Swaziland’s 2009 – 2013 CSP will continue to focus on enhancing health delivery and skills development.

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