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2010-2014 - Bank Group Agriculture Sector Strategy


Africa is rich in natural and human resources. More than 900 million people live in Africa. Agriculture plays a vital role. An estimated seventy percent of the population depends on agriculture for full-time employment and many others rely on agriculture for part of their household income. Two hundred million Africans live with food insecurity. Economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has averaged close to 3 percent over the past 25 years. However, per capita growth for the SSA pollution dependent on agriculture has been less than 1 percent . Agricultural production has been increasing, at an average rate of 3.2 percent for the Middle East and North Africa, but most of the growth is related to increasing the land area under exploitation rather than to increases in productivity. At current rates, it is estimated that Africa will be able to feed less than half its population by 2015. Agricultural GDP per farmer has over the last two decades risen by 2% per annum in Asia, nearly 3% in Latin America but less than 1% in Africa. Farmers have been working harder, more people have taken up farming, but productivity has not increased.

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