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2011-2015 - Gabon - Country Strategy Paper


Gabon is classified as a Middle Income Country (MIC) with per capita income of around USD 7 370. Yet the poverty level is comparable to that of low-income countries. In 2005, the Gabonese Poverty assessment and Monitoring Survey (EGEP) showed that poverty affects up to one third of the population. This situation, exacerbated by high unemployment, particularly among the youth, highlighted the need for policies and programmes that promote the creation of sustainable jobs and better wealth distribution. The previous strategy 2006- 2010 had two pillars: "Enhanced Governance” and “Infrastructure Improvement”, both aimed at structural reforms and building basic infrastructure to support the development of alternatives to the oil sector. However, the implementation of this strategy was affected by a combination of several factors, notably, political uncertainties preceding President Omar Bongo Ondimba‟s death; absence of a structured consultative mechanism between the Government and donors; and weaknesses in preparing operations in the lending programme.

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