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2011 - Gambia - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report


The last Country Portfolio Review Report for the Gambia was presented to CODE in November 2009 (reference: ADF/BD/WP/2009/152). The report showed an overall satisfactory portfolio performance rating of 2.55 and a Project at Risk (PAR) rate of 33%. The 2011 Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) mission was conducted in the Gambia from April 2 to April 8, 2011 to review the performance of the portfolio and to recommend measures for its improvement, complying with the new Guidelines for Review of Country Portfolio Performance, dated March 24, 2011 (reference: ADF/BD/WP/2010/140). The CPPR, jointly carried out with the World Bank, has benefited from the mission dialogue with the Government of the Gambia (GOTG), development partners and other stakeholders, in the context of the 2008-2011 ADB/WB Joint Assistance Strategy (JAS) for the Gambia and related Mid-Term Review (MTR), Bank’s supervision mission reports and information provided by the Project Implementation Units (PIUs), representing the active portfolio in the country.

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