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2011 Lom-Pangar Résumé du Plan de Réinstallation EN


Project Description: as the main impounding dam, the Lom-Pangar Hydroelectric Project is intended to supply water to Song Loulou power plant installations during low-water periods and to increase the production capacity of the Edea power plant. The project comprises a plant at the foot of the dam which will be linked to the Bertoua thermal power plant by a 90-kilovolt high-voltage line, then between Bertoua and Batouri and between Bertoua and Abong Mbang. The main 30 kV power distribution lines will be 867 km-long three-phase lines. The project will help to link up 9 headquarters of administrative units: Mindourou, Messaména, Mbang, Ngoura, Kette, Kenzou, Gari Gombo, Ndelélé and Lomié. This will cover 140 localities of more than 200 inhabitants each and there will be 10 000 lowvoltage subscribers when the installations are commissioned and 15 independent power producers.

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