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2012-2014 - OPEV-Three-Year Rolling Work Programme and Proposed Budget for Operations


The OPEV Work Programme 2012-2014 and the proposed budget are ambitious while at the same time cautious. The ambition stems from the desire to further bridge the evaluation gap and to build a stronger commitment to address the Bank’s and the region’s growing evaluation needs. The Work Plan is centred on diversifying evaluation activities and increasing both the efficiency of delivery and the quality of analysis in OPEV evaluation products.

The caution recognizes the persistent challenges facing the evaluation function in the Bank, particularly with regard to capacity. In the months ahead, a key priority will be to reduce the high rate of vacant positions at OPEV, including appointing a substantive Director. As a result, we envisage a gradual increase in the volume of activities while aiming to deliver high quality products, which is key to the Department’s usefulness.

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