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2012-2016 - Morocco - Country Strategy Paper


The previous Bank strategy for Morocco (CSP) covering the 2007-2011 period was approved by the ADB Board of Directors in April 2007. Aligned with the country’s priorities, the strategy (ADB/BD/WP/2007/17) centred on the following pillars: (i) Consolidation of the governance system; (ii) Development and upgrading of economic and corporate infrastructure; and (iii) Promotion of human development. A mid-term review of the CSP was conducted in February 2009, showing significant progress in these three focus areas of the Bank. The progress was confirmed by the combined CSP Completion and Portfolio Performance Review Report prepared in March 2011 (ADB/BD/WP/2011). The lessons learnt from this report have guided the preparation of CSP 2012-2016

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