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2012-2016 - Rwanda - Country Strategy Paper


The overarching goal of Rwanda’s Vision 2020 is to transform the country into a lower middle income economy by improving its competitiveness while ensuring unity and inclusive growth and development. Significant strides towards achieving this vision have been made in the decade to 2010 especially regarding improvements in peace and security; design and implementation of prudent policies; and improvements in the country’s business environment and competitiveness. However, major impediments remain and these continue to prevent Rwanda from attracting private investments that are commensurate with her exemplary progress in implementing reforms. Rwanda’s doing business ranking improved from 150th in 2008 to 58th out of 183 countries in 2010 but the cost of doing business remains high due to the elevated transport and energy costs and poor national and regional connectivity. As a consequence, the nascent private sector is yet to play its expected role as a growth driver.

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