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2013 - Cape Verde - Extension of the 2009-2012 CSP to End of December 2013


In October 2009, the Bank’s Boards of Directors approved the 2009-2012 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for the Republic of Cape Verde. The strategy was geared mainly towards supporting the Government’s efforts to consolidate and accelerate the progress that had earned Cape Verde the status of middle-income country (MIC). The strategy, aligned on that of the Government (2008-2011 GPRSP and ETS), focused on two pillars, namely: (i) consolidating the gains made in economic and financial governance; and (ii) contributing to infrastructure development. The relevance of both pillars had been confirmed by the mid-term review of December 2011. A draft 2009-2012 CSP completion report was presented to CODE on 7 December 2012. The Bank had scheduled the preparation of the new 2013-2017 CSP in 2012, but the Government had neither finalized nor validated the GPRSP III (2012-2016) which was being prepared. The GPRSP III preparation process was longer than expected due to the importance of the exercise at a decisive time for this country which is transitioning into an ADB country. The draft GPRSP III was submitted to the Government for validation in only January 2013.

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