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2014-2018 - Cape Verde - Country Strategy Paper (Draft Version)


The previous Bank Strategy for Cabo Verde (CSP) covering the 2009-2012 period was approved by the ADB Board of Directors in October 2009. Aligned with the country’s priorities, the strategy (ADF/BD/WP/2009/132) centered on the following pillars: (i) Consolidation of the progress made in economic and financial governance; and (ii) Contribution to infrastructure development. A mid-term review of the CSP was conducted in November 2011, reaffirming the relevance of these pillars. The 2009-2012 CSP was extended to December 2013 following a request from the Government. The combined CSP Completion and Portfolio Performance Review Report prepared in November 2013 (ADB/BD/WP/2013/165) provided lessons learnt and guided the preparation of this 2014-2018 CSP.

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