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2014-2018 - Mauritius - Country Strategy Paper


Mauritius has established itself as one of the leading economic reformers in Africa, successfully transitioning from a Low Income into an upper Middle Income Country (MIC). Strong institutions in a politically stable and thriving business environment and effective use of trade preferences particularly with Europe and India have been instrumental in driving growth and facilitating an impressive economic diversification. At independence the small island economy was completely dependent on sugar. It has since diversified into tourism, textiles, financial services, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). A generous social welfare system has been used to distribute proceeds from high economic growth rates. Less than 1% of the population is classified as poor. Mauritius is now positioning itself for another important transition. The Government has announced an ambitious agenda: to transform Mauritius into a High Income Country (HIC) on the basis of growth that is sustainably generated and equitably distributed by 2025.

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