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Addressing Regional Integration Challenges in Central Africa: Evaluation of the Regional Integration Strategy and Operations of the African Development Bank, 2011-2016


This evaluation assesses: (a) the relevance and consistency of the Bank’s strategy for fostering regional integration in Central Africa (“the strategy”); and (b) the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the Bank’s multinational operations (MOs) in that region. It discusses the key factors leading to MOs’ low performance with respect to the performance of the Bank and that of countries and regional organizations. It makes recommendations for improvements to the design and implementation of the new strategy and operations. The evaluation pertains to the period 2008-2016 to cover the period before the adoption of the strategy (2011) and the period thereafter. This summary report is based on the following set of background papers: a scoping mission report, an inception report, a strategy review; a portfolio review; a quality at entry (QAE) review; and four case studies of MOs. The methodology includes statistical data and documentary analysis, site visits, individual interviews and focus groups. The main limitations include the fact that almost all operations were still ongoing and the information on outcomes and impacts is weak to nonexistent.


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