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AEC 2010 - Tracing Spatial Dimension of Food Insecurity, a First Step to a Strategic Move to Combat Food Insecurity: The Case of South Africa


available studies show that majority of households in South Africa are food insecure. However, these studies were not done in a manner that could assist policy planning at the national level. To address this, a survey matching technique was applied which helped develop a food security map for South Africa at various levels of disaggregation - province, District Municipality, and Local Municipality. In addition, results were used to analyze the socioeconomic characteristics of food insecure households. The results would assist policy planners to design location specific strategies; to coordinate resources better; to improve the targeting of interventions; and to lay the basis for further research that seeks to conduct an in-depth analysis of the socioeconomic characteristics of food insecure households, their coping strategies, and their responses to shocks.

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