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African Development Report 2012 - Towards Green Growth


The African Development Report 2012 was prepared under the overall guidance of Prof. Mthuli Ncube (Chief Economist and Vice President – ECON), Gilbert Mbesherubusa (Vice – President, Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration), Aly Abou-Sabaa (Vice-President, Sector Operations II), Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa (Director, Development Research Department), Hela Cheikhrouhou (Director, Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department), Abebe Shimeles (Division Manager, Development Research Department), and Kurt Lonsway (Division Manager, Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department).

The report was jointly produced by the Development Research Department and the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department. The core team was comprised of Adeleke Salami (Task Manager), Frank Sperling (Co-Task Manager), Anthony Simpasa, Jacob Oduor, Robert Kirchner, Vinaye Ancharaz and Ghecham Mohieddine. Wisdom Akpalu (State University of New York Farmingdale, New York) coordinated the Report.

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