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African Development Report 2015 - Chapter 5: Africa’s youth in the labour market


In chapter 3 we discussed how Africa’s recent growth has not been inclusive. Inequality in human capital formation is one of the major impediments to inclusive growth. Among those who have been left behind, the youth population have been much more affected across various dimensions. Young people experience a diverse set of challenges across socio-economic, geographical, political and cultural divides during their transition from adolescence to adulthood. In today’s labour market, the transition from school to work is particularly challenging not only in Africa, but also globally. In Africa, young people are striving to achieve economic independence and to find their identity against the background of weakening family and community structures as well as educational systems that often do not equip them with skills demanded in the labour market. The current generation of youth in Africa is also the largest the continent has ever seen. The growth of Africa’s economies has not been successful in absorbing youth into the labour market.

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