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Algeria: Industrial and Energy Competitiveness Support Programme - Project Completion Report


The Industrial and Energy Competitiveness Support Programme (PACIE) is a general budget support operation worth EUR 900 million (or UA 720 million), granted by the African Development Bank (AfDB) to Algeria in 2016. The operation marked the financial re-engagement of the Bank in Algeria - a nonborrower country for over a decade - and is in response to the need to support the authorities in their determination to pursue the initiated structural economic changes. The programme aims to create conditions conducive to inclusive economic growth in Algeria, through economic reforms aimed at ensuring fiscal consolidation, improving the investment climate and the efficiency of the energy sector and promoting renewable energies. PACIE supports the two pillars of the Algeria I-CSP 2016-2018, namely: (i) Support to industrialization, improvement of competitiveness and development of value chains, and (ii) Support to the transformation of the energy sector. PACIE is aligned with two of the Bank's “High Five” priorities (High 5s), namely "Industrialize Africa" and "Light up and power Africa", and has ripple effects on the "Feed Africa" priority, since agriculture is a strategic sector. The programme is also in line with the Bank's Private Sector Development Strategy 2013-2017 through its first pillar (Improvement of Africa’s Investment and Business Climate), and the second pillar (Promotion of Enterprise Development). It is also aligned with the first pillar of the Governance Action Plan (GAP II 2014-2018) relating to public management, the second pillar (Sector Governance, notably in the energy sector), and the third pillar (Investment and Business Climate).

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