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Angola - 2011-2015 Country Strategy Paper & 2010 Country Portfolio Performance Review


The Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Angola for period 2011-2015, is the culmination of 2 years of dialogue and heralds two landmarks in the relation between the Bank and the country, namely: (i) Management has determined that Angola is a Category - C country in line with the criteria laid out in the Bank Group Credit Policy. Applying the new transition framework for graduating and reversing countries will allow the country, as an MIC, to access non-concessional ADB resources as well as concessional ADF resources during a transition period of two years; and (ii) the forthcoming functional Angola Field Office. This CSP was prepared through an extensive dialogue with the Government to ensure greater country ownership. The report is also informed by lessons learnt from the Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) which is an annex to this report.

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