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Angola - Cabinda Province Agriculture Value Chains Development Project


The Cabinda Province Agriculture Value Chains Development Project (CPAVCDP) will provide improved production, produce conservation, storage, processing and marketing infrastructure necessary for selected commodity value chains: food crops (cassava, banana, sweet potato, peanut, and beans); cash crops (coffee, cocoa and oil palm); marine and inland fisheries; small ruminants; and horticulture (vegetables and fruits). The Project will rehabilitate water conveyance structures necessary for irrigation; train value chain actors in technical and managerial skills; introduce mechanization for land preparation; support adaptive research; and improve agricultural extension services. The Project will also rehabilitate or construct rural infrastructure, namely feeder roads to link production clusters to markets, agro-processing centers, market centers, community health centers, primary schools, potable water facilities in the communities and improve rural energy access. The Project will enhance access to improved productive resources (improved seed varieties, fish fingerlings, fertilizers, crop protection chemicals) through the establishment of a credit facility to be externally administered by World Vision International (WVI). The project will be implemented over a four-year period at a total cost of USD123.15 million.

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