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ANGOLA - Country Strategy Paper 2017-2021


The Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Angola for the period 2017–2021 was prepared against a backdrop of an economy that has slowed down since 2014 due to lower international crude oil prices. The CSP 2017-2021 follows the endorsement by CODE in November 7th, 2016, of its proposed strategic pillars, including the results of the previous CSP 2011-2015 and Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR). While the process of preparation of the new CSP started by end-2015, it faced significant slippages due to delays in the adoption of a new annotated format of the Bank’s CSPs. In order to preserve the operational consistency of the new operations, CODE members recommended during the meeting held in November 7 th , 2016, to shift the CSP timeframe from 2016-2020 to 2017-2021. The new CSP is based on the Bank’s 2013-2022 Ten Year Strategy (TYS) and its High 5s priorities. The new strategy adopts a broader context of policy continuity by anchoring on the longer Vision 2025 of the country, as the current government’s National Development Plan (NDP 2013-2017) ends in 2017, and the new NDP 2018-2022 that is under preparation is only due for approval after the general elections in August 2017. The strategic thrust of the proposed Bank’s support was guided by sectoral strategic documents of key areas (e.g. agriculture, energy and transport) that the government is promoting to diversify the economy’s dependence on oil. Following the country dialogue with government, it was concluded that these areas may not necessarily be affected by the outcome of the forthcoming elections.

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