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Angola - Power Sector Reform Support Program - Completion report of the project (PCR)


The overarching objective was focused on promoting inclusive growth by strengthening power sector reform, and greater transparency and efficiency in public finance.The program was built around three areas of engagement with GoA: (i) restructuring the power sector, (ii) fostering private sector participation in the power sector, and (iii) enhancing transparency and efficiency in public financial management. The central theme of the operation was to increase efficiency and effectiveness of public spending particularly in the power sector which was benefiting from considerable allocations the government’s investment budget. The access to “on-grid” electricity, quality and price of the electricity supply,are key factors to diversifying the economy and public services thereby raising the living standards of ordinary Angolans.The PSRSP was well aligned with this goals and with the Bank ́s CSP 2011-2015 which focused on stimulating competitiveness of the economy and support to economic infrastructure development, and also consistent with the Bank Group ́s Ten-Year 3Strategy.The environmental, social and gender policies, remain aligned with the beneficiaries needs and the GoA’s strategic priorities

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