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Appraisal report - Uganda - Markets and agricultural trade improvement programme: project 2 - MATIP – 2 – Approved – 12 2014


The Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Programme (MATIP) is designed to re-develop markets in 21 Municipalities and Town Councils in Uganda. This intervention is based on the conclusions of a feasibility study that was commissioned by the Government of Uganda (GOU) in March 2008, to review and assess the infrastructural and operational state of the local markets across the country. The study concluded that the markets are poorly managed, seriously dilapidated, overpopulated with vendors well beyond their carrying capacities under poor working environment, nationwide. The Government then approached the African Development Bank for support in reconstructing and modernizing the markets. The Bank responded by approving a loan of UA 38.00 million to finance MATIP-1 in 2009, which is currently at 85% level of implementation. It is expected to close in 2015.MATIP-1 has assistedthe Government to reconstruct 7 major markets in Kampala, Jinja, Mbale, Gulu, Lira, Hoima, and Fort Portal. As resources were notadequate to reconstruct all the markets identified, it was agreed that the project would be implementedas a programme, expanding the project as funds become available.

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