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Benin - Community Forest Management Support Project - Phase II (PAGEFCOM-II) - Appraisal Report (approved)


he Community Forest Management Support Project –Phase II ( PAGEFCOM-II ) covers the Atlantique, Zou, Collines, Borgou and Donga Départements (Districts)on a land area of 59,746km² (52.06% of the national territory) and has close to 4,709,426 people, corresponding to45.63% of the country’s total population estimated in 2013 at 9,983,884 people. Three (3) of these Districts, namely Atlantique, Zou and Collines, already benefited from support during Phase I. The two others( Borgou and Donga) are contiguous to the first three and form Benin’s green belt.Sincethey mark the transition between the country’s arid and wet zones, the ecosystems here are fragile.

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