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Benin - Djougou-N’dali Road Upgrade Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)


The project entails opening up access to municipal capitals, improving the mobility of rural dwellers, developing local capacity,and promoting community participation in decision-making on local development and sub-regional integration issues. The strategy for addressing this challenge is defined in Benin’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP),the 2002-2004 ADF strategy for Benin which focused on the transport sector, and the 1997-2006 Transport Sector Programme (TSP) adopted by the Government with donor support. In 2009, the Bank’s portfolio in Benin comprised 19 operations, including 2 (two) in the transport sector, namely: the current project co-financed by the ADF, BOAD, NTF,Government of Benin and beneficiaries; and the on-going Pobè - Kêtou - Illara Road Project. Construction of the remaining two segments, namely: the Djougou - Ouaké - Togo border stretch, currently under construction with BOAD financing, and the N’dali - Chicandou - Nigerian border stretch which is commencing with Bank financing, completes the transversal Northern corridor linking Togo to Nigeria

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