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Benin - Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Support Programme Phase III (GPRSSP III) - Programme Completion Report (PCR)


The GPRSSP III is a general budget support which was expected to contribute to implementing the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy and the Action Plan for improving public finance management. This programme is justified by persistent inadequacies and weaknesses in public finance management particularly regarding budget coverage and transparency, predictability and control of budget implementation and external oversight and audit of budget management. It is also justified by the fact that despite the reforms conducted in the area since 2006, there are many persistent barriers and constraints in the business environment. Hence, according to the World Bank’s «Doing Business »Report,Benin’s ranking dropped from 167 th to 169 th out of 181 countries. Reforms included in the programme were therefore focused on measures geared towards addressing the inadequacies noted mainly in the quality of internal and external auditing and the public procurement system, on the one hand, and revitalizing the private sector. Hence, the programme is centred on two components, namely: (i) improvement of public finance management and (ii) improvement of the business climate.

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