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Burkina Faso - Upgrading of Access Roads Project - Appraisal Report


The project involves the construction and surfacing of National Roads No. 10,running between Dédougou and Tougan (91 km),and No. 22,running between Kongoussi and Djibo (96 km),which are classified as roads providing access to the country’s interior. The expected project outcomes are: (i) reduction of generalized transport costs; (ii) improvement in the living conditions of the population and in access to basic services; and (iii) institutional capacity building in road sub-sector management. The project will be implemented over a 64-month period and its total cost, net of taxes and custom duties and including physical contingencies and price escalation, is estimated at UA 100.674million. The Bank Group’s contribution out of ADF resources is UA 46.438million, which makes up 46.13% of the total project cost, and comprises: a loan of UA 29.170 million and a grant of UA 11.45 million derived from the country’s PBA under ADF XII, and; b) a loan of UA 2.048 million and a grant of UA 3.77 million derived from resource cancellation.

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