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Burkina Faso - YELEEN Rural Electrification Programme - ESMF


Burkina Faso is a land locked sahelian country located in West Africa characterized by high proportion of rural population (77.3%). More than 80% of the rural population depends on subsistence farming involving small farms. Agricultural sector counts for 39% of the GDP. The poverty profile established in 2914 shows that 40.1% of the population lives below the poverty line, either less than a dollar a day. Among the problems hindering the economy of the country is insufficient supply of electricity; the supply can be below the demand and expensive (up to €25 cents per KWh). In 2016, peak demand was 280 MW (62.8% thermal, 30.7% Ivory Coast and 6.5% Hydropower). Access to electricity is also low, with a national electrification rate of 18.8%. This access is marked by large disparities between urban areas (59.9%) and rural areas (3.1%).

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