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Burundi and Tanzania - Proposed upgrading of Rumonge-Bujumbura section (78km) -Burundi – ESIA Summary


The rehabilitate and upgrading of the Bujumbura – Rutunga – Rumonge road (78km) section project road is part of EAC Class No. RN3 along RTRN Corridor EA 5 connecting Tanzania and Burundi (Tunduma – Sumbawanga – Kigoma – Mugina – Nyanza Lac – Bujumbura Corridor). The project is being implemented by EAC through Burundian Office of Roads (Office des Routes – OdR). OdR, under the Ministry of Transport, Public Works, and Equipment is the roads authority of Burundi. The importance of the project road lays on the fact that apart from linking Burundi with Tanzania, the road provides transportation route for agricultural and mining produce to and from the Great Lakes countries in particular the eastern DRC. Others products includes mercantile from Kigoma and Kasulu centres, rice, ground nuts, coconut, salt, oranges, simsim, pineapple, apples, pears, etc. from western regions of Tanzania regions to Bujumbura. The road is therefore a driver of the economy of the Great Lakes countries and Burundi in particular.

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