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Sauce Arachide (viande de brousse) avec foutou banane


A key characteristic of the Republic of Cabo Verde in climatic terms is its very high level of water stress. Indeed, the country’s climate is characterized by very low rainfall (230 mm/year on average) with high intensities and poor temporal and spatial distribution. With the exception of desalinized sea water, the water resources used for various purposes come essentially from ground water. Ground water is used preferentially for DWS and surface water for agriculture. In a situation of insufficient ground water, desalinized sea-water is also used for DWS. This situation puts pressure on aquifers which are increasingly vulnerable, especially in coastal areas due to salinization. Under these conditions, surface waters are a major alternative source of mobilization of water resources, especially for rural dwellers. In such dire circumstances, the project development objective is very relevant and even vital.

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