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Cameroon - Joint 2015-2020 Country Strategy Paper and Country Portfolio Performance Review report


This document proposes a new Bank Group strategy for Cameroon covering the period 2015-2020, together with the country portfolio performance review (CPPR). It was prepared using a broad-based participatory process and the new approach adopted for preparing CSPs, including prior consultation with CODE. The joint CSP 2010-141 completion and CPPR report, as well as the IDEV post-evaluation covering the period 2004-2013 provided very useful lessons and guided the preparation of the CSP 2015-2020, whose outline was examined by CODE on 11 May 2015 and deemed appropriate. CODE members commended its selectiveness and the strategic options proposed, the interdependence of the pillars and the programmatic approach proposed for Bank operations. However, in preparing the new strategy, they requested the team to lay greater emphasis on green growth and gender issues, as well as the analysis of pockets of fragility and the business climate.

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