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Cameroon - The Batchenga-Yoko-Tibati-Ngaoundere Road Study - Project Study


The 560 km-long Batchenga-Ntui-Yoko-Tibati-Ngaoundere road is part of National Road 15 (RN15) linking Batchenga (intersection with National Road 1 (RN1) to Ngaoundere, rail terminal to the northern part of Cameroon and to Chad, via Ntui, Yoko and Tibati, Martap and Béka which are major agricultural, forest, fish-farming and pastoral zones of the country. The current route is the shortest (about 200 to 300 km shorter) linking Yaounde to the northern part of the country, to Chad and to the Central African Republic. Furthermore, in view of its position (North-South trunk), it fulfils an important space structuring function. Its development would help: (i) boost trade between the southern and northern parts of the country and with Chad and the Central African Republic; and (ii) facilitate the movement of products of this region with a huge agricultural potential.

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