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Cape Verde - Praia Airport Expansion and Modernisation Project (PEMAP) - Appraisal Report


The project to expand and modernise the Praia Airport,whose initial construction was co-financed by ADB, has been designed based ona feasibility study completed in February 2013 and funded by the Bank and the Government. This project will address the air transport demand, especially those needs relating to economic activity and tourism.Toaddress the projected traffic increase and ensure efficient management of passenger flows at peak periods, the following improvements are envisaged under the proposed project:(i) expansion of the passenger terminal; (ii) expansion of the aircraft parking area and various networks; and (iii) renovation of the freight terminal. The project will be executed from May 2013 to December 2016,at an estimated total cost of EUR 32.794 million, net of taxes and customs duties (NTCD)

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