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CAR - Interim Assistance Paper for the Transition 2014-2016


Attacks by Seleka rebels, launched in December 2012 in the CAR, led to the overthrow of François Bozize's regime in March 2013 and sparked the most severe political, security and humanitarian crisis ever experienced by the CAR since gaining independence in 1960. This new crisis, which compounds the difficulties faced by the country since independence, broke out within a fragility context resulting from several decades of socio-economic instability. The major factors of fragility include: (i) the absence of inclusive political dialogue and social cohesion on strategic and policy orientations; (ii) the State’s inability to perform its republican duties due to its limited human and institutional capacity; (iii) poor basic infrastructure and spatial/geographical exclusion due to the expanse of the territory which is sparsely populated and with limited accessibility facilities; (iv) poor governance in the management of public finance, natural resources and institutions; and (v) vulnerability to exogenous security and economic shocks, especially those originating from the region.

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