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Central Africa Economic Outlook 2018


This Central Africa Economic Outlook analyzes the recent economic situation and prospects for the region. Part I focuses on the evolution of key macroeconomic indicators, including GDP growth, inflation, fiscal and current account balances, terms of trade, employment, and inequality. It also assesses short- and medium-term economic prospects based on key economic fundamentals, including structural and policy factors. In addition, it investigates employment generation, looking in particular at whether growth has created jobs and reduced poverty and inequality. Part II focuses on development of the huge forest and timber resources in the Congo Basin, which could be an important driver of diversification, economic resilience, and green growth for the six countries in the basin. Inclusive and sustainable development of the sector can also reduce the vulnerability to external shocks linked to commodity price volatility that results from Central African countries’ heavy reliance on nonrenewable oil and mineral resources.

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