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Central African Rep - Rural Development Project in the Coffee-Growing Regions of Mbaiki and Berberati - PPER


This project performance evaluation report (PPER) concerns the rural development project in the regions of Mbaiki and Berberati in the Central African Republic, (CAR) in respect of which the Bank granted a loan of UA 9.73 million in 1983 . The project fit in with the national integrated rural development policy objectives aimed at improving the welfare of the rural population. This loan which represents 81% of investments, made it possible to build the capacity of existing cooperatives, improve the health conditions of rural people by putting in place health centers and wells and to improve agricultural production systems. However, concerning physical infrastructures (roads, earth roads and buildings), the results are far below expectations owing to a poor assessment of the works to be carried out, which proved to be heavier than expected, a bad choice of mechanized equipment and the failure of certain contractors awarded building contracts.

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