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Chad - Feasibility study for the development of 135 000 HA of irrigation schemes - Appraisal Report


A landlocked Central African country (1,284,000 km² and 14.45 million inhabitants), Chad has significant natural resources, including 39 million hectares of arable land, 84 million hectares of natural pastures and 23.3 million hectares of forests, 7 million ha for fish farming, about 113 million head of livestock of all species (cattle, sheep, goats, camels, etc.) and significant groundwater and surface water resources, with an annual volume varying between 263 and 455 billion m3 . However, Chad is experiencing near-chronic food and nutritional insecurity: 21% of the population faces food insecurity and acute malnutrition that have reached the critical threshold of 15% in most regions (PNSA, February 2014).

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