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Chad - Project to build resilience for food security and nutrition in Chad’s rural communities - Appraisal Report


A Global Environment Facility (GEF) grant of USD 5,329,452 (UA 3.807 million) was mobilized to finance the project entitled “Building Resilience for Food Security and Nutrition in Chad’s Rural Communities ”. This co-financed grant will be used to maximize the impact of the Programme to Build Resilience to Food and Nutrition Insecurity in the Sahel (P2RS), funded with African Development Fund (ADF) resources. P2RS, approved by the Board of Directors in October 2014, was designed for a 20-year period tosustainably increase agro-sylvo-pastoral and fisheries productivity in the Sahel. In addition to the regional component, some countries are implementing their own national projects. P2RS Project 1 involves seven Sahel countries most affected by food crises, including Chad. The project will serve as a basis for GEF co-financing. The P2RS-Chad component, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, specifically aims to strengthen the resilience of rural communities through the development of agriculture and livestock, irrigation systems and regional markets for agricultural inputs and livestock products. The implementation of P2RS Project 1 is under way and involves both central and decentralized entities responsible for agriculture, animal resources, the environment and nutrition. GEF’s co-financing, which targetsthe same objectives as the initial P2RS, will be implemented concurrently with the Chad component. The GEF Project Identification Form (PIF) was approved on 28 April 2015 and endorsed by its Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson on 13 September 2017. The aim of the GEF project is to help restore and maintain the basic productivity of the natural resources on which people depend. The idea is to strengthen food security and nutrition by using sustainable and resilient agro-sylvo-pastoral systems in the target regions.

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